Welcome to this page that steps into the casino world that is occurring online. It’s a very big and popular industry in Canada with more and more companies opens up online gambling sites with the casino as a product. During the latest years, we can see record many sites that are focusing on online gambling both in Canada but also all over Europe and the world. Canada and Scandinavia are by far the biggest markets when it comes to casino sites online. On this page, you can find more information on what casino sites are and how they work.

Casino sites online

What is a casino site online?

When we look into what does it means with a casino site online, we see that it’s very easy to explain. Let’s take an example in Canada because the regulations are a bit different when it comes to different countries. So, in short, it’s a website that offers online casino and has a valid license together with other collaborations to offer casino games. With this you need to follow strict guidelines with responsible gaming, you as a player have to be 18+ etc. So, in short, you have a company setting up a website, get all the necessary licenses and deals and then start to market themselves. It sounds quite easy but it’s very difficult nowadays. It costs a lot of money to open up a real casino site online plus it’s very difficult to find players. So, you need deep pockets for marketing.

So, with this, you as a website will be able to offer real online casino games to players in different countries. Nowadays there are hundreds of different casino sites out there. So, if you have an interest in playing casino online you can do it at many different sites. If you rather want to open up an online casino site, you better be prepared.

What does it take to open a casino site?

Short answer: it takes a lot. But there are some nice and easy ways of doing this nowadays. One popular way is to open up your casino on a white label platform. Then you have different companies that already have 1000+ casino games in their portfolio, licenses, payment methods etc. That way it’s much easier to open up a gambling site than it is to do everything from scratch. So, to list the most necessary things you need to open a casino site:

  • Your own platform or a white-label platform for everything from games to payment solutions.
  • A lot of money for marketing, platform fees, license fees, salaries, game provider fees etc.
  • Experience and a plan: because of the huge competition you really need to know what you´re doing.
  • A great customer support team.
  • Very long term thinking approach.
  • Patience and luck.

It’s all about gambling and it will also be gambling to open up an online gambling site. There are many that fail but also many that succeed and make a lot of money. So, if you´re willing to take the risk and have a plan and for it, go for it.

Game providers

The different game providers you can find out there are always working to develop new games to online gambling sites. You have sports betting solutions, poker providers and also casino game providers. There are a few different game developers/providers, some are huge, and some are small. So, if you are gambling any product online you will for sure play some game from a gaming provider. Some of the bigger companies are Microgaming, Evolution Gaming (for live casino games), Net Entertainment and Kambi (for sports). You will find many more than these but those are big and strong in the market.

So, when a new casino site opens up, they will either pay fees for providing games from the gaming providers or pay fees to be on a white label platform. So, it costs quite a lot of money to provide different games for gambling.

The different products

We have been talking a little bit about the different games and what it takes to open up a gambling site online. But which are the products then you can offer to players when you have it all set up? Well, firstly the more products the more work and costs. But what we see now is that most of the gambling companies are opening up to provide more products than just one to benefit more as a company.

It’s better to have the player gamble on all products at the same site.

This way players can be more valuable and gaming companies are understanding this or at least some of them. Below you find the most common products that gambling sites are offering to their players.

  • Casino slots, both new modern ones and old classic ones
  • Table games such as blackjack and roulette
  • Live casino games (table games with live dealer and cam to show everything)
  • Odds on sports
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Lottery
  • Scratch cards

These are the most common games/products you can play on different online gambling websites. So, if you gamble online you will for sure play some of these products. Also, as you will see when playing is that many websites have most of these products to get the player to stay and gamble on only their site.

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Latest update: 21/09/2020